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Visit the historic town of Český Krumlov, registered in the UNESCO list. We will advise where to go, where there are the most beautiful viewpoints and what to experience in Krumlov. We select only the best activities in Český Krumlov and the surrounding towns of the South Bohemian Region.

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Enjoy Český Krumlov, the most beautiful historical city in the Czech Republic. Český Krumlov is a historical city registered on the UNESCO list, the main domain is the historical center, castle and monasteries. Of course, the best time to visit the city is off-season to avoid the crowds of tourists.

If you are heading to Český Krumlov in season and spend at least one night in this experience city, you can enjoy undisturbed evening walks without crowds of tourists. Above all, a walk under the light of the lamps is an unforgettable experience.

We will advise you on what to visit not only in Krumlov, but in the entire South Bohemian region, where to go on a trip, tips on the best activities and, above all, we will advise you where to stay. To chooce accommodation in Český Krumlov can be quite a challenge in terms of price and quality, but we know where, in our opinion, you can find the best accommodation right in the historic part of the city.

Some hotels and guesthouses offer a Krumlov card in the price of your stay, and this is of course also the case with our accommodation tip. If your chosen accommodation does not offer the Krumlov card, we recommend that everyone buy a card at the info center. The Krumlov card offers free selected entrances that are definitely worth a visit.

Český Krumlov is situated around the meanders of the Vltava river, which separates the historical centre into two parts. On the river's right side are the historical burgher houses with small alleys, a cozy square and original Renaissance buildings. Nowadays, you can find stylish shops, ancient taverns, pubs or modern restaurants. Not only does each house have an impressive exterior, it also hides many secrets of its people's lives inside.

Český Krumlov has much to offer literally to everyone. You can spend here a holiday of a few weeks without getting bored!

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