Dreisessel, amazing trip on Šumava

Dreisessel, amazing trip on Šumava

Location: Czechia

Dreisessel, the most beautiful ridge in Šumava

Go on trip from Nové Údolí to the amazing ridge via Třístoliční to Plechý and Plešné lake. A wonderful road with far-reaching views, but with a boring part on asphalt from lake to Nová Pec

Where to start from?

The beginning of the route is in Nové Údolí, which you can reach by train from Nové Pec. The route is only suitable for active individuals, the whole journey takes about 8 hours and a total of 23 kilometers with an elevation gain of over 600 meters await you.

From Nové údolí we set off to the Dreissel hut, here the biggest climb awaits us, in total we need to climb 500 meters along the beautiful border road. Then it will be over the ridge. From the train station we will first go along an asphalt road, fortunately we are surrounded by forests and the road is not so dull. After less than 5 kilometers, the road turns to a forest path and I start to climb slowly. The main hill comes a little later, we climb along the border stones, the path follows the national border up to the top.

The first beautiful views appear at the end of the steepest climb. Once you see the Dreissesel hut, the biggest climb is behind you. It's already a relaxing journey to the cottage, it's quite warm, but the desired reward in the form of a Wiessebier awaits us at the cottage.

You can have refreshments at the cottage and later even have a good meal, but you need to expect a higher price, especially for drinks, this is already a German cottage, so the prices are in euros.

Before you set off on the ridge path, we recommend visiting the rock formations around the cottage, where you will find amazing views of the Bavarian side of the Šumava, and in good weather you will enjoy the view of the Alps.

Po hřebenovce na Třístoličník

After a well-deserved refreshment and climbing the nearby viewpoints, which we definitely recommend visiting, we continue along the ridge to Dreisessel. The number of tourists here increases a bit, fortunately it is relatively early, but if you are here after ten o'clock, you will definitely not be alone.

The reason is simple, an approx. 500-meter-long asphalt road suitable for strollers leads to Třístoliční from the parking lot on the German side.

We continue to the highest point of the path, which is Plechý peak. The road along the ridge is beautiful, we enjoy the views especially on the German and Austrian side and all the time we can see the Alps in the distance including the Dachstein glacier.

Plechý peak in sight, we will stay here a little longer and then decide how to continue. You can choose the path to the obelisk of Adalbert Stifter with a beautiful view of Plešné lake. The path then descends sharply, often over stones, to the lake.

The second alternative from the top of Plechý is to go straight to Smrčina, most tourists go to the monument, so we choose the second option. At the crossroad, the last beautiful view of the landscape, including the Lipno dam, awaits us, the road continues steeply down through the stone sea.

If you want to visit Plešné lake, you have to go back a bit. Unfortunately, from Plešné lake it is a more boring journey on an asphalt cycle path and in the end an even more boring journey on the road.


Train from Český Krumlov - Nové Údolí


Parkování je možné přímo v Nové Peci u vlakového nádraží.

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