Tandem jump from a plane

Letiště Hosín, Hosín, Czech republic (in Český Krumlov)

1 person
3890 Kč


1 person
3890 Kč


Ladislav Meškán

  • summer,

  • 2 hours

  • outdoor

  • individuals

  • medium


We offer a tandem jump from the plane at Hosín Airport near České Budějovice. Jumping safely with an instructor in tandem is a amazing experience that you will definitely never forget. A unique experience where you will experience a scenic flight, a free fall and a parachute flight with a soft landing at the end.

Tandem skydiving is completely safe, we recommend only the most experienced operators in the field with the most modern equipment. For the jump, you can order photos and a video of the entire process.


The minimum age for skydiving is 8 years. Under the age of 18, the consent of legal representatives is required.

The maximum weight for a tandem is 110 kg. However, persons heavier than 90 kilograms must pay a weight surcharge on the spot. 90-95 kg is an additional charge of CZK 500, 96-100 kg you pay an additional charge of CZK 1,000, over 100 kg the fee is CZK 1,200.


It is only jumped in good weather without rain


The season runs from April to October on predetermined dates


The date is reserved after purchasing the voucher, see PRICE LIST

1 person 3890 Kč


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