Great circuit around the Olšina pond

Stezka Olšina, Olšina, Czech republic (in Český Krumlov and Šumava)


  • year round

  • 2 hours

  • outdoor

  • individuals,

  • low


Experience circuit around the Olšina pond with many stops and attractions. You can go only on the footbridges around the pond or on the entire circuit. During the trip, you will have a unique opportunity to observe especially the birds and the local nature.

There are viewpoints and various attractions on the way, including a unique transport raft. Entire families will especially enjoy the trip.

The Olšina pond is one of the lowest ponds in Bohemia. The history goes back to the 15th century. The path around the pond is facilitated by wooden footbridges, which can, however, be flooded when the water level is high. The total length of the route is over 7 kilometers.

The trail is located on the edge of the Boletice military area. The ideal place to start the trail is the information center where you can park your car. If you travel by train, you can start the trail from the stop.


The route is partly passable even for people with reduced mobility. You can also go on the wooden sidewalks with a stroller, but you need to expect difficult handling. You can find out the current state of the trail on the front page, see the link


All year round, but in winter can be impossible, it depending on the weather


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