The best watterfalls in Slovenia

The best watterfalls in Slovenia

Location: Slovenia

The 3 best waterfalls in Slovenia

Slovenia is a beautiful country, you will find amazing nature here, mountains, lakes, sea, but also waterfalls. We will advise which waterfalls not to be missed and, above all, where to find them.


You can find the Martuljek waterfall in a beautiful landscape in the village of the same name, Gozd Martuljek, not far from Kranjske Gora. There is parking in the village, it was free in 2020, I don't know how it is now, but I assume nothing has changed. The path is the destination, this is true of the landscape you pass to the waterfall.

Another indisputable advantage is the minimum number of tourists, the waterfall is not very well known and, above all, it takes a little longer to reach it, about 50 minutes. The waterfall itself is 29 meters high, you can first see it in all its beauty from the wooden footbridge, but with a little effort you can get quite close. If it's not really dry, you can go to the upper waterfall, which is even higher, but with a minimum of water. There is also a via ferrata for adventurers.

TOP 2 VELIKY KOZJAK chose Kozjak waterfall as the third most beautiful. It's the only paid waterfall in our selection, but it's worth it. Before you set off on your journey, you need to find a suitable parking place, one is located not far from the Napoleon Bridge, and this bridge over the Soča River is the first gem on the way. The views of the turquoise river from the bridge are literally fabulous.

The path continues across the bridge around the river to the next attraction, and this time it is a small wooden bridge over the beautiful Soča. You're hot, Soča will cool you down perfectly :-)

Before you get to the Great Kozjak, you will pass his much smaller brother. It's already paid for, behind the cash register you slowly enter a small gorge, where Veliky Kozjak is finally waiting for you. It is not a giant, it measures only 15 meters, but it is definitely worth a visit as it is located in a kind of semi-cave.


In the end, the best is located not far from Martuljko, clearly the most beautiful and impressive waterfall in Slovenia is Peričnik. In addition, it is an easily accessible waterfall from the paid parking lot near Mojstrana.

Peričnik is 16 meters high, but the main reason for visiting it is its giant size, strength and, above all, the opportunity to walk directly behind the waterfall. You can continue to the upper waterfall, which is smaller, but also less crowded.

We still have a tip for two another waterfalls, the first one is huge, but you can't get too close. Not far from Bovce is the Boka waterfall, see photo.

Another tip is the Savica waterfall by the beautiful Bochinj lake, the disadvantage of the waterfall is the iron gate, which spoils the impression of the place a little. There is a charge for this waterfall.


Martuljek and Peričnik

Veliky Kozjak

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