Trosky ruins

Rovensko pod Troskami, Trosky, Czech republic (in Český ráj)



  • year round

  • 1 hour

  • outdoor

  • kids,

  • low


The most beautiful view of Trosky ruins can be found on the way to the village of Troskovice. We also recommend visiting Trosky ruins, but only in the off-season, because it is the most visited monument in the Bohemian Paradise. If you don't like crowds of tourists, go by car or on foot in the direction from Trosky to the village of Troskovice, as soon as you see both cones in full glory, you are on the spot, the view is truly breathtaking.

Trosky is a ruin of a castle from the 14th century on the top of the hill of the same name near the village of Troskovice in the Liberec Region. Trosky ruins is made up of two cones. The cone with an altitude of 511 meters above sea level is called Panna, opposite is the slightly smaller cone Baba with an altitude of 502 meters


The view of the ruins of Trosky Castle is suitable for everyone, just stop by the roadside and you can enjoy the view of both cones.


If you are going to visit the castle ruins, we recommend purchasing online. There is only one circuit on offer, and it is straight through the whole castle. The price in 2023 was CZK 140 per 1 adult.



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