Tandem jump from the plane

Letiště Prostějov, Prostějov, Czech republic (in Brno)

1 person
5190 Kč


1 person
5190 Kč


Ladislav Meškán

  • summer,

  • 1 hour

  • outdoor

  • individuals

  • people without mobility restrictions


Maximum but safe adrenaline experience in Prostějov! Tandem jump from the plane, is one of the most amazing experiences. Try skydiving in South Moravia.

Before you jump, you will enjoy the beautiful views during the sightseeing flight, as soon as you will reach an incredible height of about 4 kilometers, you will jump out of the plane together with the tandem pilot.

After the jump from the plane, you will experience an adrenaline free fall. After opening the parachute you will enjoy beautiful views. Then only a soft landing awaits you.


The maximum weight for a tandem is 110 kg. Above 90 - 99 kg, a weight surcharge of CZK 200 is charged. Above 100 kg, the fee is CZK 550. A good state of health is necessary for skydiving, people after spine surgery and in the case of cardiac problems should consult their doctor before completing the experience.

Time and opening hours

Tandem skydiving takes place on predetermined dates, which can be found on the seller's website, see PRICE LIST.

Number of participants

1 person


Reservation is possible after purchasing a voucher, see PRICE LIST. You can find the dates on the seller's website. If you are looking for a corporate event, contact the seller of the experience at info@dopoklyzazitek.cz

1 person 5190 Kč


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