Praha, Praha, Czech republic (in Praha)

1 per
2400 Kč


  • year round

  • 4h – day

  • outdoor

  • individuals

  • people without mobility restrictions


You will find yourself homeless in Prague for 24 hours, fortunately you will be taken care of by a person who knows how things work in Prague, take you to unusual places and look into the world of homeless people. You will experience what it's like to be homeless in Prague for 24 hours. You have to get food, find a place to stay, in short, survive a day and a night on the streets of Prague.

A unique experiential project allows you to spend a day with a person who has been living on the street in Prague for a long time and can pass on to you very useful experience from life on the street. In addition, by purchasing an experience, you are helping homeless people.

1 per 2400 Kč


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