Autodrom Brno

autodrom brno, ostrovačice, Czech republic (in Brno)

Price from
2090 Kč


Price from
2090 Kč


Ladislav Meškán

  • summer,

  • 1 hour

  • outdoor

  • kids,

  • people without mobility restrictions


The Masaryk circuit is a racing track in Brno designed for cars, racing specials, formulas and motorbikes. On the Masaryk Circuit, we recommend experience rides in a racing special or super sports Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and other super fast cars for the general public.


Supersport rides on the Masaryk circuit are intended for the general public. You can drive the car or take the adrenaline ride in the passenger seat. The ride is also intended for children from 140 cm.


It is not possible to run super sports only in heavy rains.

Time and opening hours

Rides in super sports on the Masaryk circuit take place on predetermined dates, which can be found on the seller's website, see PRICE LIST.

Number of participants

The ride is always intended for 1 person only. A passenger in the car is not possible. Only the voucher holder and the instructor are always in the car.


Sportswear and sports shoes.


It is only available from May to the end of October


Reservation of the ride is possible after purchasing a voucher, see PRICE LIST. You can find the dates on the seller's website. If you are looking for a corporate event, contact the seller of the experience at

Price from 2090 Kč


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